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Subject location and subpoena service

After numerous failed attempts to serve the defendant in a civil case, a law firm contacted Insight Legal Investigation for assistance. The law firm had previously used a process server, and had even paid for surveillance of the last known address in an attempt to serve the defendant. When none of these ventures were successful, the law firm was prepared to cease investigation and hired Insight Legal Investigation in order to complete due diligence prior to requesting that the judge allow service by publication. 

Insight Legal Investigation reviewed available information on the subject, and, after a thorough investigation, was able to determine that the defendant was living in another state.  This was accomplished by visiting property owned by the defendant and interviewing on-site tenants at that location.  Following those interviews, deep investigation of housing request forums and the back tracing of telephone numbers indicated that the subject was renting a room in one city, while spending weekends in an RV park with a recently widowed woman in another city 100 miles away. 

By obtaining descriptions of vehicles registered to the subject from the DMV, Insight Legal Investigation was able to identify when the subject would be present at the RV park, and had him served.  This allowed the case to continue, and mitigated the need to request service by publication. 

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Dismissal of assault charge

In a case where the defendant was charged with assault against his toddler-aged daughter, the law firm representing the defendant engaged  Insight Legal Investigation to provide investigative research.  The defendant, who was without permanent legal residence in the United States, would have faced deportation if convicted.

Using schematic drawings of the scene, technical photographs, and a video recreation of the events, Insight Legal Investigation was able to determine that the injury to the defendant’s daughter could not have been caused in the manner depicted in the police report. Furthermore, Insight Legal Investigation was able to show that the injury to the child had most likely been caused when police officers broke down the door, entering the home without a warrant or probable cause.

Together with the defense attorney Insight Legal Investigation met with the Deputy District Attorney and presented this information, which resulted in the dismissal of the assault charge. This in turn allowed the defendant to mitigate immigration consequences, and initiate the process to obtain legal residency out of custody.

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Dismissal of felony hit and run charges

In a felony hit and run case,  Insight Legal Investigation was hired to assist the law firm representing the defendant, who was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident where another party had been injured. Again, because the defendant was not a permanent legal resident of the United States, conviction on this charge would result in deportation of the defendant. 

After interviewing the defendant, Insight Legal Investigation conducted a technical investigation of the scene of the accident, as well as an investigation of the vehicles involved. Using photographs and technical measurement techniques, Insight Legal Investigation was able to demonstrate that the alleged victim—the injured party—had actually caused the accident herself, which was contrary to the information found in the police report.  Confronted with this information, the Deputy District Attorney dismissed all related charges, and allowed the defendant to plead to a reduced misdemeanor charge, with the agreement that he would be released without probation, and without any restitution order. 

With this agreement, the defendant was able to not only obtain release from jail, but was also released from the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

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Dismissal of felony assault charge

The law firm representing a man charged with Felony Assault 3—related to the brutal beating of a man that took place outside of the defendant’s residence—engaged Insight Legal Investigation for investigative assistance in order to prove the innocence of their client.

 Insight Legal Investigation began by interviewing several involved parties, which included witnesses to the beating, the victim himself, acquaintances of the victim, and acquaintances of the defendant. Through this investigation, Insight Legal Investigation was able to determine that the defendant had not participated in the beating in any way. Interviews further showed that a young homeless man, who was present at the scene of the beating but fled without being charged, had actually confessed to several people afterwards that he had beaten the victim.

After obtaining statements from those individuals who heard the homeless man’s confession, Insight Legal Investigation persisted in interviewing more people, and was able to locate and contact the homeless man.  This lead to  Insight Legal Investigation being able to produce new evidence which caused the Deputy District Attorney to dismiss all charges against the defendant. 

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Subpoena service to police lieutenant's son

Insight Legal Investigation was engaged by a law firm to serve a subpoena on a witness to a car accident, whose statements conflicted with information included by police officers in their reports. 

When attempting to serve the subpoena at the address where a prior investigator had contacted the witness,  Insight Legal Investigation was not able to make contact and was instead confronted by a man who was extremely uncooperative—he would not confirm that the witness had lived at the address, and would not divulge any information concerning the witness’ whereabouts.

Further investigation revealed that not only was the uncooperative man the father of the witness, he was also the supervising lieutenant over the case of the accident. Using proprietary databases, deep investigation of social networking, and by identifying and monitoring the witness’s twitter account, Insight Legal Investigation was able to locate him and track his movements in order to overcome his efforts to avoid service. 

When the witness failed to show up for trial, Insight Legal Investigation obtained contact information for his mother (who also happened to work in law enforcement) so that she could be advised of the warrant that the court had issued for her son. 

Due to the persistence of Insight Legal Investigation, the witness’s mother was convinced to drive over 200 miles to retrieve her son and bring him to trial in time to testify. 

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